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About Us

Strengthening our position among the leading companies in Malta

We deliver value to stakeholders by actively pursuing profitable opportunities, being an employer of choice, forming alliances where necessary and endeavouring to delight our customers with excellence.

Mission Statement

It will achieve its mission by:

  • Gathering and analysing pertinent information and monitoring key performance indicators
  • Identify opportunities and threats and act on them, both nationally and internationally
  • Build upon its strengths and seek out new competitive advantage
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for its staff
  • Communicate with labour unions so as to foster an atmosphere of understanding
  • Invest in its human resources by providing timely and pertinent training
  • Constantly assess the various sectors of its involvement and ensure that they are well positioned to take advantage of up coming opportunities
  • Actively build business networks
Key Sectors
  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Engineering
  • Foodstore
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Other Interests

Our Guiding Values

The Fabric of the Institution

Thriving competitive free market economy

Business acumen, characterised by innovation and competitive spirit

True dialogue and the free exchange of ideas

Excellence in all of its endeavours and those of its members

Ethical business community

Sustainable Impact on the environment

The right of intellectual property, knowledge and skills

Promotes acceptance of all people in equality

Concept of life-long learning

In pursuit of profitable opportunities, form alliances, whilst endeavouring to delight our customers with excellence in quality, speed, reliability, dependability and value for money.

Board of Directors

Non-Executive Chairman

Prof Andrew Muscat

Andrew Muscat is a Senior Partner at Mamo TCV Advocates where he heads the Corporate, Capital Markets, Insolvency and Banking practice groups. He was educated at the University of Malta, the University of London and the University of Oxford. He is also Professor of Commercial Law in the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta where he teaches company and insolvency law. He has authored a number of publications on company law.

Professor Muscat was formerly a Director of Mid-Med Bank p.l.c., a Member of the Board of Governors of the Malta Financial Services Authority, a member of the Permanent Law Reform Commission and a director of HSBC Bank Malta plc.

President and Executive Director

Mr Maurice F. Mizzi

Mr Maurice F. Mizzi was born in 1936 and was educated at St. Aloysius College, Malta and read law at the University of Malta where he obtained a Diploma of Legal Procurator. He joined the Mizzi Organisation in 1957 and was appointed on the board of a number of Mizzi Organisation companies. He is currently managing director of CCL and Titan. In the past, Mr Mizzi has held a number of chairmanships for the Government of Malta including Mediterranean Film Studios (1984-1990) and the Malta Development Corporation (1997-1998). He also served as a director on the board of Plaza Centres P.L.C. (C 564), Allcom Limited (which has since been struck off), Technical & Management Services Limited (which has since been struck off, C 24793), Datatrak Holdings p.l.c. (which has since been struck off), Datatrak Systems Limited (which has since been struck off), Datastream Limited (which has since been struck off) and Go p.l.c. (C 22334). He is currently also director of Mizzi Associated Enterprises Limited (C 1372), Mellieha Bay Hotel Limited (C 522) and BNF Bank p.l.c. (C 41030).

Executive Director

Mr Brian R. Mizzi

Mr Brian Mizzi was born in 1946 and educated at St. Edward’s College, Malta. He studied in London with the then firm of accountants, Turquand Youngs from 1965 to 1970. Brian Mizzi’s career within the Mizzi Organisation spans over forty years of active service. In 1971, Brian Mizzi returned to Malta from London where he assumed directorships of several Mizzi Organisation companies including GSD, GSDM, IML, and NMS.

He subsequently set up Festa Ltd (now Mizzi Lease) as part of Mizzi Organisation’s venture into the tourism sector. In the late 1990s’, he was assigned the responsibility of developing the Arkadia Commercial Centre. Under his managing directorship the “Arkadia” brand grew into a major fashion and food store retailer, with presence in several prominent destinations in Malta. He has also been actively involved in the beverage sector since the business was acquired by the Mizzi Organisation.

He currently serves as an executive director for MOL, CHL, GSD and GSDM. Mr Brian Mizzi is also currently an executive director of The Waterfront Hotel Limited, a director of IELS, director for AquaLuna Lido Ltd (C 95143), Sliema Creek Lido Limited (C 87108), Plaza Centres p.l.c. (C 564) and the chairman of Mellieha Bay Hotel Limited (C 522).

Executive Director

Mr Kenneth C. Mizzi

Mr Kenneth Mizzi was born in 1948 and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. After working with Touche Ross (today known as Deloitte) in London, he returned to Malta and joined the Mizzi Organisation in 1971. Over the years he has served as a director on the Board of the Malta Development Corporation (1978-1980) and a number of other parastatal companies. He also served as director on the board of Mid-Med Bank Limited (now HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c.) and later on (1992-1995) of HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. He is also executive director of SAK Limited (C3240), the franchisee and retailer of The Body Shop® products in Malta, as well as executive director of MML and a non-executive director of BNF Bank p.l.c. (C41030).

Executive Director

Mr Ian Mizzi

Mr Ian Mizzi was born in 1960 and attended St. Edward’s College and De La Salle College, Malta. He then furthered his studies at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, USA where he majored in Business Administration and Computer Science. Subsequently, he obtained an MBA with distinction in e-business from the University of Grenoble in France. In the interim, he was responsible for the running of GSD until 1998, at which time he joined the MOL Corporate Office as an executive director. Ian has held various posts within the Malta Trade Fair Corporation including the presidency between 2002 and 2004, as well as posts within the Malta Federation of Industry, prior to its merger with the Malta Chamber of Commerce. In 2007, Ian Mizzi assumed managing directorships of IML and NMS and is also a member of the MOL board of directors. In 2008, Ian Mizzi was appointed non-resident Maltese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco.

Executive Director

Ms Angele Calleja

Ms Angele Calleja attended school at The Convent of the Sacred Heart, Malta. She then furthered her studies at the Institute Miramonte – Montreux, Switzerland. On finishing her studies, she joined the family business in the automotive division. Subsequently, she spent six years in Italy managing the franchise shop ‘The Body Shop’ in Como, Italy following which she took up the management position for running the head franchise outlet in Rome.

She has been actively involved in the Mizzi Organisation since the 90s’. She is a currently a member of the board of directors of MOL and is also a director of Titan, AML, Mizzi Estates and Maltco Lotteries Limited (C 32326).

Executive Director

Mr Chris Mizzi

Mr Chris Mizzi graduated with a BA from Luther College in the US in 1987. Following his graduation, Mr Chris Mizzi returned to Malta and began his career with the Mizzi Organisation in the tourism industry. Here, he was instrumental in capitalising on the Mizzi Organisation’s assets, in a sector that had already reached maturity.

Mr Mizzi has been particularly active in the real estate sector since the 90s’and is currently the executive director of Mizzi Estates.

In 2010, he represented the MOL’s interest in the composition of a consortium that bid for the privatisation of the Malta Shipyards – a consortium that was later successful in acquiring the rights to operate the Manoel Island Yacht Yard. Mr Mizzi has an active role in the yard’s operations and is instrumental in setting out its strategic direction and developments both locally and abroad. He is also a member of the MOL board of directors.

Executive Director

Ms Veronique Mizzi

Ms Veronica Mizzi was born in 1952 and attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Malta. She then attended finishing school at St. Dorothy’s Convent in Fribourg, Switzerland where she studied French and secretarial studies. After she majored in French, she furthered her studies in the French, German and Italian languages in Switzerland and Germany. In 1983, Veronica Mizzi set up a The Body Shop® franchise in Como, Italy. She is currently a director on the MOL board of directors and an alternate director on the board of directors of Mizzi Estates. She also sits on various ‘ad hoc’ committees in connection with the Mizzi Organisation. Veronica is also on the fund­raising committee of Din I-Art Helwa, Malta.

Key Members

Daniel Aquilina
Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr Daniel Aquilina

Born in 1976, Daniel Aquilina is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Malta Institute of Accountants. In 1998, he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Malta. Daniel continued his studies at the University of Malta obtaining his B.A. (Hons) degree in Accountancy in 2000. After completing his studies, Daniel joined the Assurance Department at KMPG, where he served a number of large companies, which helped him develop a wide experience in various industry sectors. In 2004, Daniel obtained a warrant to act as a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor. After working at KPMG, he moved on in the accounting profession, and worked with Thomas Smith Group and Alpine Group, always occupying senior positions in the respective finance departments.

In 2009 he joined Mizzi Organisation filling the post of Corporate Finance Manager. As from 2021, he occupied the position of Head of Finance, with responsibilities in group accounting, particularly in compiling and analyzing the group’s financial performance and forecasts. During the years, Daniel was also instrumental in various refinancing and funding initiatives taken by the Group. In 2021, he played an active role in the successful listing of the Mizzi Organisation Finance plc Bond on the Malta Stock Exchange. In 2023, Daniel was appointed as Group Chief Financial Officer and is mainly responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, cashflow and tax matters of the Group.

Group Company Secretary

Mr Kevin Caruana

Kevin Caruana is a fellow member of the Malta Institute of Accountants and holds a Certified Public Accountant warrant. He joined one of the Mizzi Organisation subsidiaries; Festa Ltd (later Company renamed Mizzi Lease Ltd), way back in May 1992. He was promoted Accountant in 1995 taking full responsibilities for the financial aspects of 3 Mizzi Organisation subsidiaries operating in the tourism, leisure, and real estate sectors.

In 1997 he was appointed Accountant to form part of the Mizzi Organisation Head Office finance team and after having been involved in various finance related projects, was in 2001 promoted Asst. Group Chief Accountant. Soon after Kevin became the Accountant to Mr Maurice Mizzi – (the President of the Mizzi Organisation), entrusted with Mr Mizzi’s fully owned companies and personal financial affairs, a post he still serves to this present day.

Kevin continued to broaden his former line of studies and in 2007 attained a qualification in Strategic Sales and Sales Management from (ISMM) Wales, UK.

Following the completion of a restructuring plan for the Group’s Automotive Division, Kevin took up additional responsibilities within the Mizzi Head Office by acting as Asst. Head Corporate Services & Group Company Secretary, a post he occupied for well over 10 years.

In 2016 he was appointed Head Mizzi Organisation Corporate office and in 2018 took aver the role of the Company Secretary for all the fully owned Mizzi Organisation Companies.

He also participates as a member on various Committees set-up by the group.

Group Chief Internal Auditor

Mr Giancarlo Millo

Mr Giancarlo Millo joined Mizzi Organisation in 2017 as Group Chief Internal Auditor, setting up from scratch a value adding internal audit and advisory function for the Group, which reports independently to the Board of Directors through the Audit Committee and liaises with the external auditors and regulators. In 2022, Giancarlo was also appointed as the Group’s Whistleblowing Reporting Officer (WRO) together with the Audit Committee Chairman.

He previously held the post of Deputy Group Head Internal Audit at FIMBank plc, also responsible for IT assurance and advisory services. This was preceded by management accounting and financial auditing positions with KPMG and Portman International respectively, thus achieving over 25 years’
accounting and auditing experience across various industries.

Giancarlo is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC). He holds an MBA (Finance) from the University of Leicester (UK), and a Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors (UK). Giancarlo is a fellow member of the Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA), and a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Information Systems Audit & Control Association (ISACA), and Institute of Directors (IoD).

Presently Giancarlo is a Main Committee Member of the Malta Forum for Internal Auditors (MFIA) and is also a Past President of the ISACA Malta Chapter. He regularly delivers talks on internal audit subjects.

Mizzi Organisation Finance p.l.c. is a fully owned subsidiary of The Mizzi Organisation and acts as the Finance Company of the Group by raising debt from the Capital Markets.

Be part of the Mizzi organisation.