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Our Values

The basis for the development of strategic plan is a set of values which are the fabric of the institution. They are the expectations that are held in common and are reflected in the goals set forth in this plan.
Our guiding values are:
  • Mizzi Organisation values a thriving competitive free market economy.
  • Mizzi Organisation values business acumen, characterised by innovation and competitive spirit. 
  • Mizzi Organisation values the true dialogue, and the free exchange of ideas. 
  • Mizzi Organisation values excellence in all of its endeavours and those of its members. A continuous pursuit of quality is essential in achieving excellence. 
  • Mizzi Organisation values an ethical, caring business community, one which is characterised by good corporate governance, honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, empathy, equal opportunity, trust, and civility.
  • Mizzi Organisation values the environment and will actively ensure that its activities have the least possible impact on environment
  • Mizzi Organisation values the right of intellectual property, knowledge and skills.
  • Mizzi Organisation promotes acceptance of all peoples irrespective of their race colour of creed and abhors discrimination on any basis.
  • Mizzi Organisation values a sustainable environment that future generations can continue to enjoy.
  • Mizzi Organisation values and promotes the concept of life-long learning.

Our Vision
The Mizzi Organisation aims to strengthen its position among the leading companies in Malta in terms of revenue and profit, seeking out new opportunities while consolidating and growing its existing business.


Our Mission

The Mizzi Organisation will deliver value to its stakeholders by actively seeking out and pursuing profitable opportunities that may present themselves, forming alliances where necessary, while endeavouring to delight our customers with excellence in quality, speed, reliability, dependability and value for money.


It will achieve its mission by:

  • Gathering and analysing pertinent information and monitoring key performance indicators
  • Identify opportunities and threats and act on them, both nationally and internationally
  • Build upon its strengths and seek out new competitive advantage
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for its staff
  • Communicate with labour unions so as to foster an atmosphere of understanding
  • Invest in its human resources by providing timely and pertinent training
  • Constantly assess the various sectors of its involvement and ensure that they are well positioned to take advantage of up coming opportunities
  • Actively build business networks
our strength is our diversity
the pillars of our organisation