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Dr. John C. Grech (Chairman)
Mr. Maurice Mizzi
Mr. Brian Mizzi
Mr. Kenneth Mizzi
Mr. Ian Mizzi
Mr. Chris Mizzi
Ms. Veronique Mizzi
Ms. Angele Calleja
Mr. Hugh Mercieca
Chairman of Board of Directors at Mizzi Organisation
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Dr. John C. Grech is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mizzi Organization. He is also currently the Chairman of the Fimbank plc Group as well as the chairman of other privately owned companies. He has held a number of private and public positions including Chairman of the Bank of Valletta Group, founding Chairman of Middlesea Valletta Life Assurance, Malta Export Trade Corporation, Malta Tourism Authority and Deputy Chairman of Malta Development Corporation. He has founded EMCS Ltd and worked as an economic, business and management adviser both in Malta and overseas. He has also acted as adviser to the WTO/Unctad Trade Centre and the UN Commission for Europe. Dr. Grech was the Founding President of the Mediterranean Bank Network.
Dr. Grech holds a doctorate in Economics from the Institute of International and Development Studies of the University of Geneva and has studies in Malta and the Netherlands. He has lectured in Economics and Economic Diplomacy at the University of Malta and is a Fellow of the Malta Institute of Management, a member of the British Institute of Management and a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers. He is currently involved in research on the 21st Century Organization.
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